Culture - 24 October 2019

IULM will take part with three events in the annual appointment to spread the scientific culture among citizens of all ages

Two events in our University and one that will be held during the two days at the Giardini Indro Montanelli in Milan will be part of the event MEETmeTONIGHT 2019 which is characterized by a rich schedule of events: stands with experiments, scientific demonstrations, interactive workshops, popular talks, moments of meeting with researchers and role-playing games, guided tours, theater performances, concerts. Also this year the initiative will be included in the circuit of the European Researchers' Night, which aims to promote the meeting and dialogue between researchers and citizens and enhance the culture of research. Fill out the form here to book for the show.

Tuesday, September 24, at 16:00, in the Auditorium, will be held the replica of the show Neuromagia that already a remarkable success has been in its first performance held in our University last March 21. The play conceived and interpreted by Edoardo Ares, a professional magician and illusionist, and Massimo Bustreo, a consultant in the psychology of consumption and money, an IULM teacher, is an exploration of the links between the psyche, illusions and the value of money. The protagonists are a young magician in identity crisis and the psychologist he turns to to help him. The dialogue between the two characters on stage introduces the public to the theme of money in its twofold role: as an organizer of values and emotions that guide behaviour and expectations, modifying their outcomes and perception; and as an instrument capable of influencing, with its evocative power, the decision-making processes and the rationality associated with it.

Then, on 24 September at 5.30 pm, in Room 146, Luce - Light Artists will be screened, one of the four "poetic documentaries" made by the IULM students of television, cinema and new media, coordinated by IULM director and teacher Giuseppe Carrieri, who took care of the artistic supervision and direction. The film, broadcast together with the other three in prime time by Sky Arte in February of this year, is a reconnaissance of the fascination of light and its opposite - the dark - through the work of as many international artists. Born from an idea of the Rector Prof. Gianni Canova, the film will be shown for the first time at our University.

On 27 and 28 September, an IULM stand will also be set up at the Indro Montanelli Gardens in Via Palestro, Milan. Here you can watch the screening of The dream of a coinThe film consists of three parts set in places that offer different but equally fascinating suggestions: the Ganges River in India, a symbol of the sacred but also a sign of the great contradictions of that country; Tokyo, the city of a thousand lights that envelops the visitor in a vortex of stimuli and sensations; Matera, capital of European culture 2019, with its archaic landscape and rich in history. The dream of a coin will be projected inside a sort of "dark room", offering the user an unusual way of viewing. The triptych of film is part of the project Word of the Year 2019 - Money.

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All events are completely free and open to the public