Faculty of Interpreting and translation

Degree course in Languages, Culture and Digital Communication

Course contact person: Silvia Zangrandi

Graduates of the Degree Course in Languages, Culture and Digital Communication, with a high level of expertise in foreign languages, will be able to work in press offices, in various industry sectors, in publishing, in companies and advertising agencies, in the Third Sector, in cultural organisations and institutes (museums, libraries and archives) and banking foundations.

Within these areas, the graduate in Languages, Culture and Digital Communication, leveraging on the acquired linguistic competence, as well as on the knowledge and skills gained in digital communication, will be able to enter the processes of production, management and communication of content in which the digital dimension is combined with the interlingual dimension.

Graduates in Languages, Culture and Digital Communicationwill be able to

  • collaborate with publishing houses as translators and proofreaders and be involved in all processes of communication and online promotion of publishing products for which a solid linguistic competence and an acquired digital culture are required;
  • collaborate with educational institutions, cultural institutes, museums, libraries and cultural foundations as a creator or collaborator in the creation of paths of cultural promotion, exhibitions, in-depth courses, presentations, cultural events;
  • collaborate with companies - thanks to their language and communication skills - in the dynamics of foreign relations, in the processes of internal or external communication (press office, management of events communication, presentations, translations of information material or training).