BRAND MANAGEMENT: thematic areas

You will learn to develop and integrate skills in different disciplinary areas, those necessary to perform a complex function of borderline between the company and its customers.

You will study how to create, plan and implement all the marketing and communication activities necessary to support a brand policy in an international context.

You will then have to learn to read consumer behaviour and desires with the help of sociology and psychology, but also to organize the information you have collected through the techniques and tools of market research. You will learn how to put marketing tools into practice in order to segment the reference market and offer tailor-made answers: a differentiated product, offered at a price that corresponds to the value perceived by the customer and easily found in both physical and virtual sales networks. You will learn

how to manage all integrated business communication, using old and new media competently in a consistent way that strengthens brand identity, and how to carry out the necessary analysis to assess the effectiveness of communication.

You will do it in the classroom, with exercises and workshops and with an internship at companies and institutions partners of IULM.

The training activities are divided into the following key thematic areas:

  • business strategy and marketing
  • consumer behaviour, consumer sociology and consumer psychology
  • branding and communication strategies and techniques
  • economics and trademark law
  • theories and methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of consumption