The winners of the University Special Projects 2023

University - 08 November 2023

Here is the list of winners

Following the evaluations made by the Special Projects Funds Committee, the following projects are eligible for funding:

Preservation and enhancement of Roccella Jonica's intangible cultural heritage through artificial intelligence and digital technologies [Progetto SARB-AI (from Latin. conservare, froma Calabria dialect sarbare)], Prof. Paola Carbone and Prof. Giuseppe Rossi;

Economic development, democracy and rights. A historical perspective of a complex relationship, Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe, Prof. Claudio Emanuele Felice, Prof. Alberto Mingardi;

Mountain as Woman. Itinerant carto-photographic exhibition, Prof. Monica Morazzoni, Dr. Valeria Pecorelli, Dr. Martha Friel;

In-game photography between avant-garde and vernacular, Prof. Matteo Bittanti;

Digital Gender Hub. Gender, differences and representations in digital society, Prof. Maria Angela Polesana, Dr. Elisabetta Risi.