TAM TAM - Teatro delle Arti Mediali (Theatre of Media Arts)

Culture - 20 October 2023

On 23 October at 6.15 p.m., we prepare for the opening of  'TAM TAM  Teatro delle Arti Mediali' (Theatre of Media Arts)

Essential. Complex. Ubiquitous. Dynamic.

Communication has always played a fundamental role in the evolution of society.
It has shaped our past and drives our future.

It is with this in mind that on 23 October at 6.15 p.m., we prepare for the opening of  'TAM TAM Teatro delle Arti Mediali' (Theatre of Media Arts).
This innovative installation marks the beginning of the Museo Diffuso della Comunicazione (Disseminated Museum of Communication), located in the lobby of IULM 1.

The project has the ambitious goal of transforming the campus into an open laboratory of creativity and design, with the valuable support of companies such as Mediaset, Ford and ANGAISA. An event celebrating communication and its crucial role in the history and evolution of society.

The inauguration of TAM TAM will also include the awarding of the Master ad Honorem in Management of Artistic and Cultural Resources to the artist Ugo Nespolo, painter, sculptor and important exponent of Italian contemporary art.

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