IULM Student Representation at the conference Young people, voting and the future at the Senate of the Republic

Students - 20 May 2024

Listen to the words of Student Representative on the IULM University Board of Trustees and spokesperson for Astra IULM, Ludovico Caprioli

Last May 8, the IULM University Student Representation took part in the conference "Young People, Voting and the Future," held in the prestigious setting of the Senate of the Republic in Rome. Chaired by the Honorable Ignazio La Russa, President of the Senate, the event focused on the importance of the introduction of off-site voting for the upcoming European elections, allowing off-site students to exercise their right to vote in the city where they study.

The Senate President welcomed the participants, emphasizing the value of young people's active participation in the political and democratic life of the country, inviting them to be protagonists of their own future.

Promoting young people's participation in political life is a central commitment of Astra Network, the university network of reference for some of Italy's most prestigious universities, which considers the student vote a fundamental step. During the conference, Ludovico Caprioli - Student Representative on the IULM University Board of Trustees and spokesperson for Astra IULM - stressed the importance of actively living university life, exercising the civic right and duty of voting within the academic community.

Caprioli highlighted the successes achieved in our university, where participation in student elections has enabled students to actively contribute to the university's strategic and administrative decisions. Such tangible results underscore the crucial importance of voting within the student community, highlighting the significant role students can play in shaping the future of their institution.

Looking ahead to the upcoming European elections, Ludovico Caprioli reiterated the importance of off-campus voting, highlighting the need to create value within the community and in the country as a whole.

The conference, sponsored by Sen. Sandro Sisler, saw the participation of distinguished speakers and institutional representatives, confirming the common commitment to ensure the full and active participation of young people in the democratic life of the country.
IULM is extremely proud of the active participation of its Student Representation in such an important and topical conference, recognizing the value and commitment of its students in contributing to the debate on issues crucial to the future of society.

Listen in this video to the words of Student Representative Ludovico Caprioli