Experience Campus Safely

Students - 16 February 2022

Always follow the rules of conduct to protect yourself and others from Covid19 and remember that an FFP2 mask is compulsory in the classroom.

All students are reminded that, in order to enter the University and the classroom, it is compulsory to wear respiratory protective devices with at least FFP2 protection, except for those with pathologies incompatible with the use of such devices who are in possession of appropriate certification.

It is recommended that a safety distance of at least one metre be maintained between people, except in the case of explicit exceptions if the structural and logistical conditions of the buildings allow this in order to increase attendance by the largest number of students;

In order to have access to lectures in presence, to exams or graduations, to student/professor meetings or to the university's accommodation facilities, please note that it is compulsory to be in possession of "Covid 19 green certification" (Green Pass base).