IULM parking modifications

University - 12 July 2023

The changes affect the IULM 1 and IULM 6 parking lots

These days Quickparking has been replacing the parking collection systems in the IULM 1 and IULM 6 parking lots, and the methods of access, subscription and renewal of subscriptions have changed.
In addition, it is no longer possible to renew or subscribe subscriptions with the old portal but only through the new Quick Milano IULM portal.

Access to the parking lots is now through license plate reading and, in case of any missed reading, it is possible to access through QR-Code sent by email from the system and that can be printed or saved on your cell phone to show it in the reader installed on the columns at the entrance and exit of the parking lot.

For non-subscribers, access to the parking lot will not change (entry via ticket).