"I'm IULM. Are you?" A call for proposals for the new IULM campaign

21 March 2022

IULM is you. We are waiting for your idea to tell the story of our University. IULM University is launching a creative call open to the entire community for the conception and creation of the new institutional communication campaign.

The strength of IULM is its community. It is the people who populate it who make this Campus a special place not only to study but also to live. For this reason, we have decided to tell the story of the values, excellence and everyday life of our University through the ideas and creativity of those who live it every day. IULM University is launching a creative call addressed to the whole IULM community (students, professors and administrative staff) for the study and concept of the new institutional communication campaign.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to all IULM students (Bachelor and Master's Degrees), teachers and administrative staff. It will be possible to participate individually or in groups with a maximum of 5 participants. Each group can have an uneven composition and include teachers, students and technical-administrative staff of the University.

I would like to participate but I don't know where to start

The first thing you need to do to take part in the competition is to download the BRIEF from this link by logging in with your university credentials.
Read it carefully, to understand and learn the objectives and the key concepts that the University wants to communicate through its campaign, its mission and the target audience.

You can also draw on examples from previous campaigns to get a better idea of the features of a creative campaign.

At this point, let your imagination run free to come up with a creative concept that tells the story of the University, its spaces and its educational offer (Bachelor and Master's Degree courses) but also its strengths and values. Focus on the objectives and conceptual mainstays indicated in the brief.

Imagine, when developing the idea, the possible adaptations of format and language that the institutional campaign will have to develop in offline and online media planning.

I had an idea and I developed it. What are the next steps?

If your idea convinces you and you would like to see it realised, you just have to submit it to us. You don't necessarily have to send us a finished product, we just need a layout or a storyboard to help us understand the creative concept and how you envisage applying it in different contexts, from print, to billboards, to the digital world and, why not, to video platforms and radio.

To take part you must register for the competition by filling in this form with all the members of the group and send your project by uploading the document in the field indicated. In the event that your material exceeds the 50 mega limit, you can include a link in the document to where you can download the product.

All proposals will be assessed by a jury composed of

  • Prof. Gianni Canova
  • Dr. Raffaella Quadri
  • Prof. Luca Pellegrini
  • Prof. Guido Di Fraia
  • Prof. Mauro Ferraresi
  • Dr. Debora Rigato
  • Dr. Guido Cornara
  • Dr Giuseppe Mazza
  • Dr Augusto Sylwan
  • Dr Marco Lombardi

The winning idea will receive an all-inclusive prize of €15,000 gross. In the event that, among all the proposals received, there is no one in line with what is desired, the Jury may not nominate a winner.

When do I have to submit my idea and when will the winner be announced?

You have until 20 May 2022 to submit your creative concept.

The winning idea will be announced by 10 June 2022.

Info: [email protected]