Borders. In the time of the virus - Call to action

News - 08 May 2020

How are we experiencing the changes in borders at the time of the virus? Laboratorio delle Idee launches a call to action to the whole IULM community. Find out how to participate.

Borders have always been mysterious places. They separate, opening a gap, looking for contact. They separate and connect things, people, places, cultures, identities, bodies. They give shape to real and imaginary landscapes, draw horizons, build maps in which to live, think, move, see. The borders are pervasively present and constantly evoked in our experience. Boundaries, then, are not only geopolitical and territorial, but also social, cultural, temporal, generational, mental, conceptual, disciplinary, aesthetic, imaginary...

During this pandemic, borders revealed themselves in a plurality of forms characterizing the daily life experiences of each one of us. We want these experiences not to drift away. We want to understand them in order to comprehend critically, as a community, what is happening to us.

This is why the University's Laboratorio delle Idee launches a call to action open to the entire IULM community, asking students, teachers, technical-administrative staff, but also their families of all ages, to tell how they are experiencing the changes in the boundaries at the time of the virus.

To participate, send to the email [email protected], photos, drawings, maps, stories or diaries that show us how you are living the subject of the border: as a closure and separation or as an opportunity and contact. Together with your project, insert also 2 KEYWORDS, which will act as a " legenda " to the materials sent to us and which can help us to build a glossary of the boundaries at the time of the virus.

At the end of this emergency, a volume will be produced with the most interesting and original materials received, which will have the task of understanding and analyzing how our community has reacted to the change. We want to write together the book of our imagination.

Download here the project with details on how to participate (in Italian)