Councilor Fermi on a visit to IULM

01 July 2024

Regional Councilor in charge of Universities, Research and Innovation Alessandro Fermi will visit our university on July 11

Regional Councilor with responsibility for University, Research and Innovation Alessandro Fermi will be visiting our University on Thursday, July 11. The visit is part of the tour"A Journey Among Excellence. Universities and the Lombardy Region meet," which, starting on January 25, is taking the Councilor to visit 15 universities in Lombardy. Each stop includes visits to the universities' innovative facilities (laboratories, platforms and projects funded by the Lombardy Region) and meetings with faculty, researchers and students.

"The goal of these visits ," said Councilor Alessandro Fermi , "is to thank the system and the universities. Every single stage will bring to light the peculiarities of every single reality. There are cross-cutting issues that affect the whole university system, so it is necessary to listen to the faculty, but above all to the students. Expectations and demands, the issue of the right to study and residency is fundamental. Direct contact will help us get a very clear picture, also on the issue of research. So we want to understand what initiatives to launch and understand with respect to resources what activities to finance. We have the ambition to become even more attractive and overcome today's already excellent percentages that tell us that 33 percent of students come from outside the region and 8 percent from abroad."

After meeting with the Rector, the Director General, Faculty Chairs, Proxys, Delegates and student representatives, Councilor Fermi will be taken on a short guided tour of the places of excellence on our campus.