IULM launches the TikTok channel and the new faces of the 'I'm IULM' campaign

University - 19 October 2023

The first items to be released in the main online and offline media. The students will be the content creators of the university's official TikTok account.

It is the students again, with their aspirations, dreams and expectations for the future, who are the protagonists of the new themes of the 'I'm IULM' campaign for the academic year 2024/25, now being released - with the first 3 of 7 - on the main online and offline media.

The active involvement of its community is the basis of the University's communication strategy in recent years. The students, at the heart of the University's educational project, were in fact actively involved in various stages of the campaign's production, not only as natural messengers of their University's values and excellence, but also in the inspiration of the texts and creation of the content for the campaigns on the social channels.

For TikTok, in particular, on which IULM has been active in advertising with this successful formula since the end of 2021, the choice of working hand in hand with the students, who enthusiastically interpreted and narrated their point of view on their University, proved to be fundamental, since there can be no better content creator than those who attend and live the University as protagonists and speak as equals with their peers.

Confirming the soundness of this choice, IULM decided to launch its official TikTok account today: @iulm_university

The new channel, which joins the IULM social channels galaxy, was created with the aim of keeping students connected in a natural and spontaneous way, in line with the tone of voice and language of a channel that has already reached over 20 million monthly active users in Italy.

On TikTok IULM will offer an 'insider's' look at university life, events and the Campus through the eyes of those who live it every day, involving their students, both as protagonists and content creators, working together with the IULM Communication Office team.

The invitation is therefore addressed to all students who wish to share with passion and creativity their experience and pride in belonging to a community that is increasingly active and involved not only in teaching activities, but also in all that IULM offers for sharing and personal enrichment.

What are you waiting for then? Follow us on @iulm_university!