XXVI AlmaLaurea Report: the IULM results

University - 09 July 2024

Presented on June 13, 2024, the XXVIth AlmaLaurea Report on the Profile and Employment Condition of Graduates, which surveyed about 660 thousand graduates from 78 universities.

Among the most notable results of the survey is the general satisfaction of graduates regarding different aspects of the study experience, regardless of the type of course completed. A significant data is the overall satisfaction with the degree program: 90.5 percent of graduates say they are satisfied, compared to 86.0 percent in 2013. Regarding employment outcomes, there is a slight decline in employment rates one year after graduation, but stability or improvement in the long term. Graduates show greater selectivity in their job search, rejecting occupations with low earnings or inconsistent with their education.

Looking closely at the data on the employment status of IULM graduates, we can proudly confirm that our University once again confirms its positive trend, both in terms of the satisfaction of its graduates and their employment rate.

The 2023 graduates of IULM University of Milan involved in the XXVI Graduate Profile Report are 2,226, 1,593 for Bachelor's Degrees and 633 for Master's degrees.

The Employment Status Survey revealed that - as far as Bachelor's degrees are concerned - one year after graduation (calculated according to the ISTAT definition), the employment rate is 64.7 percent*. Of these, 43.3 percent of those employed consider the degree very effective or effective for the work they do, and 36.8 percent say they use the skills they acquired at IULM to a high degree in their work.

On the other hand, as far as second-level graduates are concerned, the employment rate, one year after graduation, is 81.4 percent (compared to 72.6 percent of the national AlmaLaurea average). 57.9 percent of those employed consider the degree they earned to be very effective for the work they are doing, and 53.6 percent say the skills they acquired during their studies have proven extremely useful.

Five years after graduation, the employment rate of Master's graduates reaches 91.7 percent, exceeding the 87.4 percent of the national AlmaLaurea average. Among those employed, 64.4 percent have a permanent contract, 14.1 percent have a fixed-term contract, and 16.4 percent are self-employed. Only 3.4 percent work part-time. Average monthly net wages stand at 1,798 euros.

55.7 percent of the employed consider the degree to be very effective or effective for their work, and 52.0 percent use the skills they acquired in college to a high degree

But in which sectors do IULM graduates work the most? 87.0% are employed in the private sector, 12.4% in the public sector, and 0.6% in the non-profit sector. The service sector absorbs 80.8% of those employed, while industry takes in 16.9% and 0.6% work in agriculture.

Data on internships and study and work experience abroad are particularly notable. 48.7 percent of graduates have done internships recognized by their course of study: 34.0 percent among first-year undergraduates and 86.7 percent among two-year master's graduates (a value that rises to 92.8 percent considering also those who have done the internship only in the three-year period)

As for study abroad experiences, 9.5 percent of graduates participated in programs recognized by the degree program, such as Erasmus: 8.9 percent among three-year undergraduates and 11.1 percent among two-year magistral students (a percentage that rises to 20.5 percent considering also those who have had experience abroad only during the three-year period).

A great element of pride for IULM is the satisfaction expressed by its graduates with the university experience and the campus. 91.2 percent of graduates are satisfied with their relationship with the faculty, and 90.4 percent believe the course load is adequate for the duration of the course. In addition, 96.0% of graduates who used the facilities consider the classrooms to be adequate. Overall, 92.0% of graduates say they are satisfied with the college experience as a whole.

*Figure derived by isolating IULM three-year graduates who, after graduation, never enrolled in a Master's degree program (53,3%)