The story of Antigone in IULM

Culture - 09 November 2021

IULM hosts "The story of Antigone", a fairy-tale reinterpretation of Sophocles' tragedy. The leading role will be played by actress Anita Caprioli.

After Giorgio Colangeli's interpretation of the Divine Comedy by heart, another unmissable appointment with theatre at IULM, open to all citizens: on Monday 15 November, at 6.00 pm, in the Auditorium, the actress Anita Caprioli will perform The story of Antigone - a fable in music for crows, wild dogs, curses, tyrants, sepulchres & maidens in bloom a play based on the famous tragedy by Sophocles, created as part of the Save the Story project - promoted by the Scuola Holden and the Repubblica-L'Espresso Group - with the aim of safeguarding books and stories in danger of extinction.

This new version of Antigone, born from the pen of the Scottish writer Ali Smith and brought to the stage by the director Roberto Tarasco, transforms Sophocles' tragedy into a fairy tale, narrated from the point of view of a Crow who, after the death of Polynices and Eteocles, finds himself observing the drama that is about to take place in a now deserted Thebes: the braveness and determination of the young Antigone, ready to break the law for love of her dead unburied brother, to follow moral virtue even at the cost of losing her life. Antigone remains, still today after two thousand years, an extraordinary tale of emancipation. The story of a woman who has a vision which is high and "other" and who claims her right to speak, performing an act of rebellion against an obtuse conception of power that is entirely male. And more generally, the story of a determined and reckless protest against the "tyranny" of the law.

Accompanying Anita Caprioli, a cultured and sensitive actress, the live sounds of singer and composer Didie Caria and the imaginative sculptures of Giovanni Tamburelli

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Show details:

title The story of Antigone - A fable in music for crows, wild dogs, curses, tyrants, sepulchres and maidens in bloom
narrated by: Anita Caprioli
sung by: Didie Caria
based on the tragedy by Sophocles
rewritten by: Ali Smith
directed by: Roberto Tarasco