IULM for the City

News - 21 January 2020

On February 2020 the initiative "IULM for the City", a series of lessons accessible to all citizens free of charge on some fundamental issues related to the world of communication, will start.

With this proposal, our University consolidates its vocation as a cultural pole of attraction for the entire city of Milan. The teachings of "IULM for the city" are included, as an examination of choice for 6 CFU (University Credits), in the training plan of the three-year and master's degree courses of IULM.

The "Anthropology of Food" course, held by journalist and food critic Annalisa Cavaleri, will start on February 11th. The course will take participants on a journey to discover ancient rituals and symbols related to food and world religions, up to the most current marketing projects of starred chefs.

From February 12th the psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati - during the cycle of lessons "Psychoanalysis, aesthetics and communication" - will highlight the psychoanalytic category of "unconscious" by re-reading the Freudian lesson through the contribution of Lacan. At the centre is the idea of the unconscious "structured as language" and as a desire for life and/or death.

The journalist and essayist Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot, in her course "Silence and Communication" starting on February 13th, will deepen theories and techniques of non-verbal communication (pauses, rhythm, suprasegmental traits, rhetoric of silence, body language) with the aim of increasing participants' ability to use oral and written communication (based on the rhetorical principle that silence is chosen not to communicate less, but to communicate better), to effectively build a speech also through the strategic use of silence within a persuasive speech. The final aim of the lessons will be to enhance the relational attitude (relative silence, observation and maieutics) and to contribute to the development of creative strategies across different disciplines and subjects.

The courses will be held in Italian.

Calendar of lessons:

Course title: Anthropology of Food
• Lecturer: Annalisa Cavaleri
• Dates: every Tuesday from 11 February to 12 May 2020
• Hours: 16.30-19.30
• Classroom: 156 (IULM 1)
• Course open to students (Bachelor's degree courses) and citizens.

Course title: Psychoanalysis, aesthetics and communication
• Lecturer: Massimo Recalcati
• Dates: every Wednesday from 12 February to 13 May 2020
• Hours: 16.30-19.30
• Classroom: Mike Bongiorno (IULM 1)
• Course open and aimed at students (Master's Degree Courses) and citizenship.

Course title: Silence and communication
• Lecturer: Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot
• Dates: every Thursday from 13 February to 14 May 2020
• Hours: 16.30-19.30
• Classroom: 131 (IULM 1)
• Course open to students (Bachelor's degree courses) and citizens