New funding for student grants

University - 02 February 2021

An additional 250,000 Euros allocated for student grants.

IULM is a private university, but it is a non-profit body. This is clearly stated in Article 49 of the Statute, according to which the University is "obliged to reinvest any operating surplus exclusively for the development of activities aimed at pursuing its institutional objectives".

With this in mind, and in line with its desire to guarantee the right to study to all enrolled students, given the continuing serious situation of the pandemic emergency, the University has decided to allocate an additional 250,000 euros to its students.

This sum is intended to ensure the allocation of additional grants to those who, according to the regional rankings for the academic year 2020/21, were eligible but not awarded due to exhaustion of available financial resources. The regional scholarship expansion ranking list will be published on the portal as soon as it is available.