Economics and Law Section

Coordinator: Angela Besana

The economics area studies cultural sectors such as museums, theatres, and the art market, particularly regarding fundraising, cultural policies, and the role of the state and foundations.
Expertise in this area also covers the study of all media markets, from newspapers to cinema, music and books. These markets are today dealing with a profound internal restructuring due to the transformations that have taken place with the introduction of digital.
The main research subjects in the legal studies are promoting art and cultural activities and protecting and enhancing cultural heritage. The priority aim is to check which tools of an essentially legal and institutional nature can be used to increase the capacity of cultural assets to become 'resources capable of generating resources'.
The area of Law also deals with issues relating to competition law, market regulation, consumer protection, and industrial and intellectual property.
The area also covers the broader fields of microeconomics and macroeconomics, applied economics, creative industries and economic history.

The following teachers are affiliated to the section:

Antonella Ardizzone
Anna Maria Bagnasco
Luca Barbarito
Claudio Emanuele Felice
Giuseppe Rossi
Antonella Sau