Behaviour and Consumption Section

Coordinator: Vincenzo Russo

Researchers in this section deal with the study of consumer behaviour and all the dynamics tied to consumer behaviour processes from a psychological and sociological point of view.
The psychology area is divided into two main strands: the general psychology of processes, with particular reference to communication, learning and the management of behaviour and decision-making processes in the individual and social spheres, i.e. Behaviour Analysis and Behaviour Economics; and social and organisational psychology with a focus on food consumption, health, social communication and cooperation. The research work of the psychological strand is also enriched by specific study and methodological areas of a neuroscientific matrix. The research work in the sociological area focuses on the dynamics of consumption and consumer behaviour with particular attention on the complex dynamics of contemporary society, such as critical consumption and collaborative consumption.

The following teachers are affiliated to the section:

Alessandro Bruno
Riccardo Manzotti
Ariela Mortara
Margherita Zito