MITH is committed to your goal–a future career in tourism. That’s why our partner companies are involved in every step of the Master program.


MITH Career Advisory Service:
We will help you set goals for your future career and take action to pursue them:

  • Setting up assessment interviews to evaluate your personal situation
  • Organizing face to face orientation sessions with HR managers from leading tourism companies and top international recruiters
  • Acquiring network skills, helping you write your CV, practicing for interviews and developing your digital footprint
  • Designing a customized internship to launch your career

MITH career facts:

  • +500 companies involved in field projects and job placement
  • 51% of graduates hired by their internship host company
  • 86% of graduates working as tourism professionals within 3 months 
  • +300 alumni international network in 43 countries
  • Over 50% of graduates alumni work outside of their country of origin

1 Over 300 alumni in 43 countries . Alumni are the true legacy of MITH - a worldwide network1 of highly skilled professionals with successful careers in a wide range of tourism domains. Many of our alumni have become influencers in their own spheres and now observe the upcoming graduates of MITH as potential future colleagues.

Some MITH career Stories

Luca Veronesi, MITH 14

Front Office Assistant - Marriott International

“Thanks to HTM, I took part in the Hyatt Student Prize, an international competition whose main objective is to develop future leaders and inspire students pursuing a career in hospitality.

With seven other students from the world’s most prestigious hotel management schools, I was selected as one of the finalists.The final round of The Hyatt Student Prize took place over 2 days in Paris. A prestigious external jury assessed each candidate as we went through a series of challenges that tested a variety of personal aptitudes, interpersonal skills and leadership potential.

This competition afforded me a unique experience and a great opportunity to join a professional network of alumni, leaders and professionals, along with a decisive boost at the outset of my career.Taking part in the last interview in the amazing Imperial Suite of the Hyatt Paris Vendome represented a huge personal accomplishment and an emotional experience – to give voice to my own ideas in front of several prominent leaders of the industry, who share my own passions and ambitions”.

 Flavia Curci, MITH13 

Sales Executive, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Dubai, UAE

"My passion for tourism started three years ago, working for an Italian travel agency. Following my undergraduate degree in tourism, I applied for the HTM program to broaden my knowledge in tourism and hospitality management and to  find the business area that suited me best. After my 6-month internship as Guest Service Executive at Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai I was hired as Sales Executive.”

Elizaveta Prokopieva, MITH 13

Convention Office, Starwood Westin Palace, Milan

"I got my bachelor’s degree in International Economy at Stavropol State Agrarian University. After a work experience in the field of tourism and hospitality I realized it was the perfect career for me. HTM placed me in a 6-month internship at Westin Palace in Milan as Convention Office Trainee. Upon completion I was confirmed in the position and hired".

Nadia Uberti, MITH 12 

Restaurant Owner in Franciacorta, Italy

“After six months of classroom lessons, I did my internship in the commercial department of Château Monfort, a 5-star hotel in Milano. That experience allowed me to apply what I had learned in a real work situation. Currently, I am in charge of human resources in my family’s restaurant in Franciacorta. My future goal is to turn it into a holiday farm; all that skills I have acquired at the Master will be really useful!”

Valentina Licciardello, MITH11

Learning Coordinator at Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts, Dubai, UAE

“Talent matters! Thanks to MTM, I improved my ability to speak in public, manage stressful situations, and prioritize my daily agenda. I acquired a productive work/study method, something you don’t always learn at university. I always dreamed of an internship in human resources, and MTM provided that very experience in a leading international hotel chain – it launched my current position and a career abroad”.

Giorgio Kwiatkowski, MITH10

Executive Officer at BCD Travel, Meeting and Events, Milan, Italy

A challenging and exciting experience that demands your commitment and rewards you with a sense of accomplishment. My MTM experience gave me 6 months of compelling teamwork with new friends followed by a constructive traineeship in the company I am currently working for as fairs and sports division Travel Agent.”

Julia Davydova, MTM9

Sales and Marketing Manager at Select Holding LTD, Shanghai, China

"The Master helped me to develop time management skills due to strict projects deadlines. Critical thinking was boosted during the group works and brainstorming. Team-working improved my interpersonal skills and the ability to defend my personal point of view. I had my internship at the marketing department of Select Holding in Shanghai where I currently take care of the Eastern Europe market for Select Holding.”

Tina Kessler, MITH8

Director Revenue Driven Product Development at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Brussels, Belgium

“The MTM experience was both exciting and challenging with students and professionals from completely different backgrounds. Over the six months classroom experience you can definitely see yourself growing step by step in terms of professionalism and competence, teamwork, personal ambition and strong academic grounding are the key elements on which the MTM's concept is built”.

Valentina Rigamonti, MITH7

Events Manager, SAP Global Events, Madrid, Spain

"I had the opportunity of carrying out a six-month internship in the SAP Global Events Team, the department that organises SAP corporate events all around the world. This six-month internship became a year contract as event organiser, supporting my manager in the coordination of big-scale events and also starting my own career as junior event manager. The Master was fundamental to my acquiring in-depth knowledge in the meeting industry field and to my gaining a wide background in different tourism areas such as hospitality, accounting, marketing and destination branding; essential assets in my daily and future professional work."

Marcio Marques, MITH7

Hospitality Entrepreneur, Lisbon, Portugal

“Enrolling in the Master in Tourism Management at the IULM marked a turning point in my professional career. The program content covers all the industry’s  most relevant fields. MTM teaches « the state of the art » with a very practical approach. We had fantastic teachers, including visiting professors from the world's top schools. After 8 years of experience, I still often apply what I learned. MTM has been a profoundly relevant professional experience ”.

Magnus Vinje, MITH5

Revenue System & Demand Team Manager at Norwegian Air Shuttle, Oslo, Norway

"The MTM programme has given me a great introduction to the world of tourism and hospitality, especially in terms of understanding and managing all the different elements and dynamics in this very exciting but complex business. For my career MTM has also given me valuable hands-on experience through real life scenarios and the internship, which I would never be without."

Francesco Sammartano, MITH 4

Contracts Manager at Secret Escapes

“After an internship as Assistant Revenue Manager, I was offered a full contract at Holiday Inn Milan Rho Trade Fair where my main tasks are those of welcoming customers, managing reservations, analysing the market trends and setting price strategies. I am working in a company which is developing plans for expansion and I feel confident that good growth prospects lie just round the corner. Each day is a challenge which brings into play both my analytical and interpersonal skills. I really love my job and firmly believe that the Masters has given me exactly the right tools to handle all this.”



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