Details of payments

Where to find the MAV Bank forms:

Pre-enrolment MAV bank form is included in the application form downloadable at the end of the pre-enrolment procedures

1st instalment MAV bank form will be printed directly from the secretary officer in your presence during the enrolment meeting or sent to you via email

2nd and 3rd Instalment MAV bank forms have to be downloaded from the on-line secretary personal page and paid according to the deadlines

On-line payment:
To pay on-line:

  • Go to
  • Choose your favourite language (i.e. English)
  • Select “Anonymous Access
  • Choose “MAV
  • Insert the MAV ID number and the amount there indicated
  • Flag the policy box, then select “Next
  • Pay it according to your favourite option (i.e. CC)
  • Get yourpayment receipt

Once you have completed the payment, please send a copy of your receipt to [email protected]