Each year, the master has organized several events such as seminars, workshops and presentations of research and consultancy projects.


  • Seminar series “Digital Innovation for Travel Sector Competitiveness”
    • May 9th 2019 “Winning the Reputation Game”
    • March 21st 2019 “Smart Travelers in Smart Destinations”
    • March 7th 2019 “Imaginative Communities
    • February 21st 2019 “The Hotel of the Future
    • February 7th 2019 “Technology Enhanced Experience Design
  • February 5th 2016 “Innovation in fashion, design, tourism and trade” (workshop)
  • October 28th 2015 “Jobs in Tourism” (convention)
  • October 27th 2015 “Expo 2015: Italy and Milan. Visitors’ point of view and post event indications” (workshop)


  • December 12th, 2019 "The growing needs for new competencies in the hospitality sector and the role of university education" (research)
  • May 27th 2019 “Employer branding and recruitment strategies in the hospitality industries in Italy” (consultancy project) and “ Analysis of new competences and the professional profile in the tourism industry” (research)
  • July 7th 2018 “Tourism and the creative economy: wine tourism” (research and consultancy project)
  • July 13th 2017 “Destination Italia bike experience: a pilot project in Lombardy”, “Brand identity and destination development: guidelines for a new visitor center in Valpolicella”, Digital Customer Centricity in Hospitality” (consultancy projects)
  • December 21st 2016 “ Tourism development, new competences for companies and university education” (research)
  • July 13th 2015 “Expo 2015: Italy and Milan. Visitors’ point of view” (research)
  • February 2nd 2012 “Tourist Experience Design for destination development: an analysis of European tourist portals” (research)

Contact [email protected] to receive (a copy of) the presentations shown at the events.