IULM is committed to a comprehensive set of measures to guarantee decent work and economic growth. These include the following Employment practices:

  • Employment practice living wage
    • IULM is formally committed to paying all staff and faculty at least the living wage  as defined by the article n.36 of the Italian Constitution  and starting from the national standards IULM administration defined the different salary bands according to the professional level of the employees
  • Employment practice unions
  • Employment policy on discrimination
  • Employment policy modern slavery
    • Università IULM is formally committed to opposing any kind of discrimination, violence or abuse as expressed in the university's official Code of Ethics issued by Rectoral Decree No. 14661. Therefore in full compliance with the law No. 24 of 2014 on the prevention and repression of trafficking of human beings and protection of victims, IULM is committed to meeting the requirements of this fundamental legislative provision preventing the abuse of inalienable human rights.
    • IULM Code of Ethics
  • Employment practice equivalent rights outsourcing
  • Employment policy pay scale equity
  • Tracking pay scale for gender equity
  • Employment practice appeal process