Home loan


IULM students, lecturers and researchers, University staff and external personnel authorized by the Management can use the library home loan service. Authorized students and outsiders can borrow up to three books at a time (four for final-year students), while teachers, researchers and staff may borrow up to five books.

To request a loan, one must sign in to the Library portal (digger.iulm.it) by clicking on "Authenticate" in the top right corner and enter your University credentials: after checking that the desired book is "Available", just click on "Request" and wait for an email on your institutional mailbox from the Library to collect the book at the distribution desk, where it will be kept in the name of the user until the end of the current day.

In case the desired book is not "Available", but on loan, it is possible to reserve it. Following authentication, in the same way as the Request procedure, the system will record the reservation and, upon return, will send an email informing that the book has been returned; it will be kept at the distribution desk for collection for three working days, after which the book will be returned to the storage and will be available for all.

The duration of the loan varies from one day to one month, depending on the type of material. To extend the expiry dates of the borrowed books, simply log on to the Library portal (digger.iulm.it) with your University credentials, access "My Library" and proceed with the renewal: if the book has not been reserved by other users, the expiry date will be extended, otherwise the operation will not be possible and you must return the book. The extension must be made by the day of expiry: from the following day the book will be considered over due and the request will not be possible.

If the books on loan are not returned by the due date, the user will automatically be excluded from any other loan for as many days as there are delays in the return.

In the event of loss or deterioration of a book or other library material, the user must refund or replace the work with another copy or agree with the Management on the amount of compensation.