IULMovie Lab

IULMovie LAB is the new landscape of creativity signed IULM University. A modern audiovisual production centre acting in a three-dimensional horizon for projects in the fields of cinema, television and new media.

IULMovie LAB is an incubator of new ideas, a place of analysis through which to detect national and international initiatives and calls for applications, for the production of works in the different audiovisual fields.


  • Making our classes and workshops places of training and preparation for the workplace and the cultural industry.
  • Creating a catalyser of talent that guarantees support from an authorship point of view.
  • Forming a class of excellence in the audiovisual field representative of IULM's expertise and University


  • Cinema: IULMovie LAB is a competitive atelier able to collect research and original proposals for future film productions aimed at selection at national and international festivals and exhibitions.
  • Television: IULMovie LAB is a workshop of television projects able to bring together the main buyers of television broadcasters and to create stories inspired by contemporary seriality, between fiction and documentary.
  • New media: IULMovie LAB is a dynamic production core, open to interdisciplinary collaboration for the development of multimedia projects, from video installations to augmented reality experiences, in a perspective of artistic innovation and technological experimentation.
  • Production: IULMovie LAB is a business corner that welcomes the corporate world and meets the storytelling needs of the corporate world, ranging from the creation of advertising concepts to the production of real business films, from the formulation of short and dynamic proposals for web platforms, to the drafting of briefs and scripts that can address heterogeneous audiences and audiences.