The literature we live in

Paolo Giovannetti
Title book

Series Research notebooks

Year 2015

Essays and observations on literary skills

The literature we live in

There are two strong ideas in this book. The first, in its simplicity, can even appear provocative. The study of literature is needed, needed to do many things: from perhaps the most obvious activities (writing a song, an advertisement) to those almost unexpected (orienting yourself wherever you are), passing through the virtues now so fashionable of storytelling (personal, corporate, political ...). The second strong idea is that literature should be taught with the utmost consideration for the current and potential (but real) skills of the students.

In particular, the national Compìta experimentation provides useful indications to those who in today's school really want to put at the centre of the learning process - suggests the pedagogue Federico Batini - not the disciplinary framework but the subjectivity of those who learn.