Sciascia earns accolade as "Excellent Reviewer" of the Journal of Family Business Strategy

For the year 2013, Salvatore Sciascia, IULM researcher, has been recognised as "Excellent Reviewer" by Elsevier, publishing house of the Journal of Family Business Strategy.

Elsevier is the world's largest scientific publishing house, with over 2,200 magazines and 25,000 books in its catalogue. In 2009, it launched Journal of Family Business Strategy, a magazine dedicated to the study of the strategies and performance of family businesses, topics of great importance for the economy of our country. Since 2000, Salvatore Sciascia, an IULM researcher, has been dedicating not only his teaching activity to corporate strategies and performance, but also his research activity: for this reason, he has been involved as a reviewer.

The "Excellent Reviewer" award refers to the review of articles sent to the journal. Each article evaluated for possible publication in a scientific journal receives comments and suggestions from anonymous reviewers who, in turn, do not know the identity of the authors. The reviewers thus contribute to the selection of the research to be published and its development, through a constructive dialogue with the authors, thus ensuring the highest quality of the new knowledge produced.

Salvatore Sciascia also offers his expertise to numerous other international scientific journals, including the prestigious Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (Wiley), Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (Wiley), California Management Review (University of California Press) and Family Business Review (Sage). He has been a member of the editorial board of this last magazine since 2011.