The history of writing in the Aegean, Near East and Egypt between the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC: cultural exchanges and models of acculturation.

Head: Mario Negri

Year 2018

The research is part of a wide-ranging heuristic activity that, for many years, has involved researchers of the University, in close and active relationship with colleagues of the University of Rome Sapienza.

The main activities involved the gathering and analysis of scriptural documentation of the period under review in libraries and museums in Italy and abroad.
The results were presented, in addition to specific scientific publications, within the International Colloquium "L'écriture entre Mésopotamie, Égypte et Égée aux Troisième et Second millénaires avant notre ère" (28-30 March 2019, IULM, Milan), whose organization can be considered as an integral part and central moment of the research project. As is the tradition of this University's conference activity, the Proceedings will be published in the magazine "Pasiphae".
Despite its specificity - the theme of the birth and development of writing in the eastern Mediterranean between the fourth and third millennia BC until the end of the second - the Colloquium, in terms of its anthropological and cultural dimension, continues along the main lines investigated in previous international meetings organized at our University (see below).