The role of university incubators in the development of innovative start-ups in culture and tourism

Head: Martha Friel

Year 2019

The project intends to build a map of the current state of university incubators at an Italian and international level in relation to the following variables: characteristics (management and operational models; financing models, number of incubated start-ups; spaces, etc.); sectors covered; type of partnership activated with businesses and institutions; functional relationship with the university and with teaching activities.

An in-depth look at university incubators that specifically work on the themes of art, creative enterprises and tourism. While there are currently numerous studies on university incubators specialising in hard sciences, there is a lack of a broad overview of how universities can support the development of innovative businesses in the fields of cultural heritage, art and tourism.

The research area covered by this proposal is therefore, on the one hand, that of entrepreneurial universities and, on the other, that of entrepreneurship and start-ups in the cultural, creative and tourism sectors.