Italy and the "Shock of the Global" during the Seventies: perceptions, interpretations, reactions

Head: Guido Formigoni

Year 2019

The research project was funded through the PRIN 2017 call for proposals and is managed by IULM University as a lead unit.

The aim is to investigate and evaluate the impact in Italy of the nascent processes of globalization in the 1970s, a period now defined in international historiography as the "Shock of the Global" period. The project starts from the identification of a series of symbolic dates, which represent key events of such a global dimension that opened up: on these, the objective is to collect materials related to the perception and interpretation of the events in Italy, in the press, in culture, in politics and in the media of various kinds. The division of labour between the four research units is thematic. The IULM unit will deal with a particular "cluster" of dates: the one relating to the major turning points of the international economic system, with their local impacts.

The project includes a series of research outputs: an international conference, an English-language publication, a number of magazine articles and an informative/educational website that is a true atlas of the immersion of Italy in the season of globalization.