Similarity of strategic orientations, investments and performance in customer-supplier relations

Head: Manuela De Carlo

Year 2018

The study analyses the effects of strategic orientations in the context of a dyad.

In particular, it analyses whether and how the presence of the same priorities - in terms of customer orientation or sales orientation - in two customer-supplier companies influences, on both sides of the dyad, the ability to obtain results at the level of the individual company starting from specific investments in the relationship.

The study is based on a survey carried out on a sample of 162 travel agencies (customer in the dyad) and 39 tour operators (supplier in the dyad). The data set includes the following variables: relationship-specific investments, paired customer orientations and paired selling orientations dummies, agencies and tour operator business performances, and other variables of control.

The study offers a contribution to the theoretical debate on the strategic orientations of enterprises and on inter-organizational relations.

The paper is being reviewed for publication in the European Management Journal.