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IULM University organizes conferences and seminars for teachers and high school students, in collaboration with the USR (Regional Schools Office) for Lombardy and teachers' associations. Discover previous conferences

What is populism? Who are 'the people'? The only resource we have left is to try to historicize different experiences, to understand how the past influences the present, just like the construction of an imaginary future. On the occasion of Bookcity 2018, IULM held a conference on: Why we are (not) the people. Let's discuss populism. Its was to provide answers - albeit temporary ones - to those questions that we imagine come from the world of young people: What does 'Italian people' mean? Who are the 'Italians'? What is the history of the notion of people? Do we need strong identities? What is our relationship with globalization? And so on. During the conference we launched the competition Why we are (not) the people. Let's discuss populism, a literary competition launched by IULM University open to all high school students in the city and Province of Milan.

Literature for School. Skills in play. Almost a party, on the fringes of the COMPITA project. An educational moment, but also a festive one. Because literature is not just a subject, but also a tool to learn how to build something we like: a song, rap, advertising, creative writing, storytelling, urban design. On Wednesday 29th October 2014 the IULM University of Milan organized a study day for teachers and high school students focused on didactics for skills. The general objective was to illustrate the far from paradoxical usefulness of literature, especially today. Teaching with skills in mind means betting on the practical effects of a type of knowledge that is unjustly considered only abstract. Those who have read, commented on and interpreted literary heritage in a historicised way are developing a "know-how" (starting with citizenship skills) which has perhaps not yet been well understood, and which is awaiting further development in the world of education.