Admission procedure

Students who have obtained an academic qualification equivalent to an Italian three-year degree course, in terms of content and number of years of study, may enrol in a Master's Degree Course.

After receiving your documents (that you should upload via, the Admissions Team will evaluate them within 10 working days and will confirm your eligibility to the course, providing you with all the details concerning the admission test for the 2-year Master’s you would like to attend.

Once you receive confirmation of the eligibility to enrol, you will be required to formalize your request: please visit the MyIulm App  and sign up with all your personal information. If you are an Italian citizen or you already own an Official Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax Number), please make sure you add it to your application on . If you do not own an official Italian Tax Number please refer exclusively to the one we will share with via email upon assessing the eligibility of your documents.

Please download the Pago PA payment slip, available at the end of the enrollment procedure through the MyIulm App. The enrolment procedure will be finalized after the payment of the first instalment. Click here to proceed with the online payment

If you are a non-EU student, please consider the following details too:

Admission Test

You will be invited to the admission test.

The test for the 2-year Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management includes:
Click here to find out the admission criteria, the modalities (both written and oral) and the contents (logics, basic knowledge of the disciplinary field) of the Admission Test effective for the academic year 2022/2023.

The test for the 2-year Master’s in Strategic Communication comprises:

Click here to find out the admission criteria, the modalities (written case-study and recorded video) and the contents (fundamentals of Statistics and Marketing) of the Admission Test effective for the academic year 2022/2023.

Admission letter

Once you have completed the enrollment procedure, IULM University will prepare an official letter that you will need during the registration on Universitaly. Please note: "Under no circumstances does the advance acceptance on the part of universities replace the actual pre-enrolment to the course, which takes place only and exclusively through the issuance of visas by the diplomatic and consular representatives".

Application for pre-enrolment

Submit your pre-enrolment application through the Universitaly portal.
The details of the procedure and the updated deadlines are available on the website:

The payment of the first instalment carried out to confirm your enrolment will be refunded only and exclusively if you do not obtain a study visa from the consular representative.

Italian test

Should you be interested in attending an Italian taught Bachelor’s and shouldn’t you have an official certification of your Italian knowledge (B2 level), you will have to take an Italian test. Distance (online) tests are possible too. Although we strongly recommend you obtain an official certification such as CILS, CELI, PLIDA at a B2 or C1 level.

IULM University will provide all international students with a 2/3 weeks -Italian language course organized in September, before the start of the academic year.


The preliminary assessment of eligibility is open. You can submit your documents for the preliminary assessment of eligibility now.
Non-EU students without residence in Italy are advised to send their application by May 31st.
Details of the prerequisites and admission tests for each Master's Degree Course are available at the following link.


Admission Office

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