Master's & Executive Education

Master's Specialist Sceneggiatura

The Executive Master in Sceneggiatura takes advantage from IULM University's extensive experience in training young professionals in the entertainment industry.

By combining theoretical knowledge, critical reflection and direct laboratories with Italian and international highly reputed authors and screenwriters, the Master trains professionals, who will be able to balance individual creativity and the needs of the production scenario.

The faculty includes some of the best known and most appreciated exponents of Italian cinema and literature.

IULM does not promise the impossible. Talent is not taught. But if there is talent, one can try to turn it into a profession.

The program is addressed to graduates or professionals eager to test their writing skills in film and television.
The ideal candidate has solid cultural competence, an excellent command of the Italian language and a passion for the art of storytelling.

Thematic areas:
FIRST PART (HEAD) Theory: prolegomena of screenwriting; structural models; genres; script analysis.

SECOND PART (BELLY) Technique: from subject to treatment and script; the incipit: how to hook; writing by images: showing, not telling; rewriting exercises; screenwriting software and applications (e.g., Final Draft); language: scene headers and action lines, etc.; dialogue: expressible - inexpressible; economy of selection; LOGLINE and the OUTLINE synthesis: the guidelines; character; explanation as failure of dramatization; conflict, breakup; closure.

PART THREE (LEGS) Practice: the editing process, editing, clarity; formatting the script; networking in the film industry, the marketplace.



Duration of Classes

4 months







Study Visit



3/6 optional