Research doctorates

The Phd School brings together the doctoral programmes running in the University in order to better coordinate the policies of recruitment, management and awarding of the degree.

It organizes interdisciplinary teaching open to all doctoral students, encourages collaboration with institutions and companies involved in research sectors and encourages the international mobility of doctoral students for study and research purposes.

The Director
The Director of the Doctoral School is appointed by the Rector within the framework of a trio proposed by the Doctoral Council and remains in office for three years.
The Director, in addition to representing the School in external relations and with other bodies of the University, plays a key role in promoting the quality of PhD courses and in supervising the procedures of establishment, accreditation and evaluation.

The Doctoral Council
The Doctoral Council has a three-year mandate and is composed of:

  • Luisa Damiano - Director of the Doctoral School
  • Vincenzo Trione and Stefania Romenti - Coordinators of the PhD courses
  • Daniela Corsaro member designated by the Academic Senate
  • Alberto Mingardi, member appointed by the Directors of the Department

In addition to supervising the quality of the doctoral training offered, the Council also proposes and promotes teaching and research activities and partnerships with Italian and foreign universities, institutions and businesses.

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University Regulations for Research Doctorates


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