Lessons timetable I semester a.y. 2022/23

Students - 29 July 2022

Online the class schedule for a.y. 2022/23. Read the message from the Rector, Prof. Gianni Canova, here.

Dear students,

The publication of the timetable for the lessons in the first semester of the academic year 2022/23 (which you can see at this link) is an important step towards what is hopefully going to be a lasting return to "normality" as our academic community understands it: a thriving blend of lectures, scientific research and events, to be experienced anew each day thanks to the energy of people coming into contact with each other. A 'normality' that obviously implies making the effort of going out, finding your rhythm and opening up to others, but they are efforts which are amply repaid by the power of sharing and meeting, albeit with its duplicity of uncertainty and surprise.

For the coming academic year, therefore, lessons will be held exclusively in person, with the exception of some lessons that will only be offered online.

The streaming of lessons will no longer be provided (unless a resurgence of the pandemic requires it on an emergency basis) and it will no longer be necessary to reserve a place in class.

From an organizational point of view, every effort has been made to facilitate this resumption and to meet the new needs of a community that is more numerous and complex than the one we left before the pandemic lockdown. Of course, there will be no lack of details to adjust, improvements to be made, and obstacles to be faced (prudence suggests we wait at least until next autumn to publish the timetable for the second semester as well), which will require special attention and patience from everyone, for which I express my gratitude in advance.

Wishing you an enjoyable summer and looking forward to the start of the new academic year in September, I send you my best regards,

The Rector

Prof. Gianni Canova