The European Institutions: professional qualifications and job opportunities

Jobs - 23 March 2021

Discover the most sought-after job profiles in the European Institutions. Don't miss the webinar on April 15 organised in cooperation with the European Parliament Office, the European Commission Representation in Milan and EPSO

Are you dreaming of a career in the European Institutions? On April 15th at 5pm, don't miss the online event that IULM has organised in collaboration with the European Parliament Office and the European Commission Representation in Milan and EPSO, the European Personnel Selection Office. You will discover the most sought-after professional qualifications, selection channels and job opportunities within the European Institutions.


Instituitional greetings

  • Institutional greeting by IULM Rector, Prof. Gianni Canova
  • Greeting by Maurizio Molinari, Head of Media Department of the European Parliament in Italy and Head of the European Parliament Office in Milan
  • Greeting by Massimo Gaudina, Head of the European Commission Representation in Milan

Presentation by Rita Hinek, EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) on the following subjects

  • Areas of work and profiles sought
  • Selection channels
  • Job opportunities (focus on communication and interpreters and translators)

Presentation by Alumnus IULM

  • Doc. Gabriele Gravagno — Intercultural and Language Professional at European Parliament

Q&A session

The language of the event will be Italian. Rita Hinek's speech will be in English and simultaneously translated in Italian by the students of Conference Interpreting. Click here to watch the full event in original language.