CRUI condemns all forms of war

University - 26 October 2023

At their October 19 assembly meeting, CRUI rectors shared the initiatives that individual universities have decided to launch on the occasion of the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the CRUI member universities, in the face of the current tragic recrudescence of clashes feel the duty to address a warm message of reassurance and closeness to students from war zones who study in Italian universities as well as lively and trepid solidarity to students, faculty colleagues and technical and administrative staff, all, involved in crisis areas.

The Universities also emphasize how they are, by their very nature, a place of encounter and dialogue between cultures as well as a place for the development of critical and rational thinking, tools to look to for any peacebuilding. In the Middle East scenario and in all the places, unfortunately numerous, where the drama of war is experienced.

In order to give substance to this idea, the CRUI and the universities, on the day of October 27, will display the flag of peace in mourning on their sites.