Coronavirus: emergency updates

08 March 2020

Update of 21 March: suspension of all teaching activities in classroom until 15 April 2020.

Coronovirus Emergency Update  Sunday, 22nd March

Following the decree of the Lombardy Region, it is announced that IULM University will extend the suspension of teaching activities in classroom until April 15.

Coronavirus Emergency Update  Sunday, 8th March

To teaching staff.
To technical and administrative staff.

Dear friends of the IULM community,

Last night the new Prime Ministerial Decree of 08.03.2020 was signed. The Prime Ministerial Decree establishes new measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the country, and provides for specific measures for the Lombardy Region and other provinces.

For these areas, the new Prime Ministerial Decree reiterates the suspension of physical attendance for all educational and curricular activities until 3rd April 2020, without prejudice to the possibility of carrying out distance learning activities.
On the other hand, research activities, and technical and administrative activities are not suspended.

In particular, it should be noted that the Prime Ministerial Decree did not provide for the suspension of work activities, and that travelling for work reasons is possible. Consequently, it is possible to reach your place of work regardless of where you reside: in order to prove the need to travel for work reasons, it is advisable to have a university ID card. Even if it is not necessary, on request, a certificate will be provided from the structure to which the employee belongs, or from the personnel office which indicates the place of work.

In this difficult situation, the University, in agreement with the Rectors of the areas affected by the new Prime Ministerial Decree, intends to:
- further extend smart working, compatibly with service requirements;
- encourage the use of vacation periods, taking into account the recommendations of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 8 March 2020;
- further enhance the use of online means for all compatible activities;
- limit the use of services by the public to situations of necessity.

However, the services that ensure the functioning of distance learning activities in the manner already communicated (lessons and degree exams) must be guaranteed. To this end, considering the temporal extension of the restrictive measures, it is appropriate that all the University's teachers proceed to carry out all teaching activities using online means, so that the students' courses do not suffer.

The directions for the main activities of the University are as follows:
- teaching activities (lessons, degree exams) will be carried out exclusively using online means. The examination commissions will be physically present in the University offices;
- research, technical and administrative activities will continue with the physical presence of personnel in the University. All the University facilities remain open to authorized users.
Internships and external internships are authorized, if admitted by the receiving institution;
- meetings of the collegiate bodies will be held exclusively using online means;
- study rooms and laboratories are closed;
- all events open to the public are suspended;
- the opening ceremony of the academic year scheduled for 13th March is cancelled;
- all services instrumental to the performance of the University's main activities as described above are guaranteed.

We will proceed with subsequent communications to provide any necessary operational details.
In the hope that this emergency will become an opportunity for growth, increased awareness and a greater sense of responsibility for us all, I send you all my warmest and most heartfelt greetings.

The Rector
Prof. Gianni Canova

Coronavirus Emergency Update  Thursday, 5th March

A decree of the Council of Ministers, effective since Wednesday, March 4, 2020 suspended the didactic activities of schools and universities throughout the national territory until March 15.
Therefore, all activities - lessons, exams, meetings, conferences and events - are suspended until that date.
From next week the lessons will be delivered remotely in a way that will be immediately notified to all interested parties.

Coronavirus Emergency Update - Friday, 28th February, 8:30 p.m.

The Conference of Rectors of Universities in Lombardy has decided to extend the precautionary measures introduced to contain the spread of the Coronavirus for a further week. All activities are therefore suspended until 7th March. An emergency plan has been activated to ensure the full regularity of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Dear students and colleagues,
The Conference of Rectors of Universities in Lombardy - as you can see in the statement released late afternoon on Friday 28th - has decided to extend the precautionary measures introduced to contain the spread of the Coronavirus for a further week.
All activities requiring attendance in person (lectures, exams, conferences, events) will therefore be suspended until 7th March, with the likely resumption of classes from Monday, 9th March.

However, I wish to reassure you once again that the University has prepared an emergency plan to ensure the full regularity of the academic year 2019-2020. Course timetables will be extended by two weeks in order to make up for the two-week suspension, without, however, postponing the dates already scheduled for the July degree sessions. In the meantime, as from next week, we will be trialling forms of online teaching. From 9th March, should the health emergency continue, lessons will be delivered remotely using means and methods that will be promptly communicated to all parties concerned.

I would also like to reassure all those who are planning to take their Bachelor's or Master's Degree Examination in the last week of March: also in this case, if the emergency should continue, we are planning to organize remote presentations and discussions of theses in accordance with means and methods currently being developed, in order to allow all those concerned to duly complete their studies, enrol in subsequent courses, or start their work experience.

Finally, I would like to thank the entire IULM community for the sense of responsibility and dedication shown in this difficult period: the staff who have managed the offices and allowed the University to remain open, the teachers who have maintained uninterrupted contact with their students, the students who have understood the seriousness of the situation and have shown their support to the University, and the students of Radio IULM who, with the Quarantenna format, have been following the evolution of the situation with their daily live broadcasts. These are all encouraging signs showing us how IULM is doing its best to prevent the spread of a contagion which is just as dangerous as the Coronavirus itself: that of psychosis, which risks undermining the very foundations of our social life.

With this feeling of optimism, gratitude and trust, I send all of you my warmest regards.

The Rector
Gianni Canova