IULM Flow Talk 27: YourChange Canvas, the "dark side" of organization

International - 22 April 2022

New appointment with IULM Flow. On May 3 at 4.45 p.m.: "YourChange Canvas, the 'dark side' of organization" with Alessandro Lotto, Master in Mechanical Engineering of the University of Padua, MBA of Henley Business School (UK) and creator of "Your Change Canvas"

Talk 27
May 3rd 4.45 p.m.
Guest: Alessandro Lotto, Master in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Padua (IT), MBA from Henley Business School (UK), creator of "Your Change Canvas"
Moderator: Francesco Galli - IULM University
Title: YourChange Canvas, the "dark side" of organization

This new special IULM FLOW Talk aims to understand, reflect and approach with critical thinking how the "Leadership and Creative Thinking"discipline is dealing with the global challenge by exploring all innovative, unusual, and disruptive approaches, methods, visions, experiments, and ideas generated in these times of uncertainty and opportunity
Leadership is a concept that has a positive value in itself linked to its etymology, the concept of activate and motivate but also carries with it negative values typical of the political-cultural stratification that over the centuries has been associated with the etymology of the word itself.
Without wandering about speculations relating to the nature of the "anomaly", which has a worrying drifts, each different expression of the conflicts that humanity itself, nations, society, businesses and organizations, families, individuals had tried to hide or camouflage with often more communicative tricks and reputations, without ever dwelling on the very nature of the problems, every anomaly, following the suggestion of Thomas Samuel Kuhn in the book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" (1962), always generates one or more conflicts that change into a state of war which is the primary step to the change of paradigm, to the constitution of a potential new normal or new paradigm.

This conversation is therefore reflecting on the following question: given the uncertainty of the future, what is the role that creative Leaders are most likely to step-in? Starting from the assumption that the working space doesn't have physical boundaries anymore and designers have to re-invent themselves with each job, we speculate on the raising importance of teaching a leadership attitude in conjunction with practicing design skills from the first years of design training. To support this argument we will stress out how leadership implies projecting the potentiality of taking responsibilities, and preserve the creative energy, in contrast with the deployment of effort and skills intrinsic to the traditional design process.