IULM and Uninettuno
Fondazione Roma

The Technological Pole activated by the IULM University of Milan is the seat of the UTIU exam

Fondazione Roma

The Technological Pole is a facility available to students equipped with all the technologies to follow the courses at a distance and participate in educational activities in videoconference. Coordinates design activities; manages the Distance Learning Office available to students enrolled and informs about the educational activities carried out at the Pole.

Consultation at the University
For consultation at the University there are 3 large study rooms, with over 500 tables equipped and 90 PCs for consultation of the Internet and online catalogs.

Loan at home
The home loan is fully automated; to take advantage of it you must consult the terminals of the electronic catalog of the Library and register at the University Library.

Multimedia room
On the 3rd floor of the main building there is a room with 50 multimedia stations at the complete disposal of students and teachers. The services available are:
- web browsing
- use of Microsoft Office
programs - access to the online course ECDL
- consultation of databases, with the possible availability of personnel specialized in bibliographic
research - professional software for the processing of audio, video and graphic
material - computer TV tuners for watching terrestrial and satellite television channels with the ability to record and rework the material.

We have a large consultation room, with about 100 places for study, and over 3500 works of a general nature, such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographic repertoires and the last two years of the periodicals owned by the Library.
services The
Campus has 3 refreshment points reserved for students, a bank counter and a bookshop specializing in the disciplines of communication.