IULM Sustainability Committee

IULM University, which has always had at heart the fight against climate change and education for a sustainable culture, has as its mission also that of fulfilling its responsibilities towards the education of citizens and the socio-cultural development of the territory. This result is pursued in a perspective of cultural democracy that sees the multiplication of opportunities to meet, compare and share knowledge, addressing the widest possible audience. Precisely for this reason, the IULM Sustainability Committee was recently established, chaired by Prof. Stefania Romenti (Rector's Delegate for Sustainability and Social Responsibility), which will have the task of pursuing the following objectives

  • the promotion of initiatives for listening, involvement and education on sustainability in the IULM community (faculty, staff and students);
  • enhancement of the activities already carried out in the University and of the initiatives promoted by individual subjects belonging to the IULM community;
  • collaboration in the realization of sustainability reports/budgets;
  • the promotion of initiatives for separate waste collection, reduction of energy and material consumption, sustainable mobility.

IULM Sustainability Committee is composed of the following members: 

  • Prof.ssa Stefania Romenti - President
  • Prof. Vanessa Gemmo
  • Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe
  • Dr. Daniela Scaccia
  • Arch. Massimiliano Prete
  • Dr. Stefano Vivenzio
  • Mr. Simone Pagliaroli