Marketing and Communication Section

Coordinator: Francesco Massara

This section presents three study areas. The first carries out studies on the understanding of consumer behaviour and the related marketing and communication processes. Particular attention is paid to brands and their contact points with the public in areas such as FMCG, luxury, art and culture.
The second area focuses on companies and marketing and communication processes in different application areas, such as internationalisation, sales strategies, retail, innovation and sustainability.
The third area concentrates on public relations, corporate communication, strategic communication, internal communication, brand communication, public branding, public benefit communication and the measurement of communication results.

The following teachers are affiliated to the section:

Elanor Colleoni
Daniela Corsaro
Annamaria Esposito
Aurelio Giovanni Mauri
Alessandra Mazzei
Grazia Murtarelli
Silvia Ravazzani
Stefania Romenti