Economics and Business Organisation Section

Coordinator: Federica Ricceri

Regarding the Economics and Business Organisation Section, the Department is a point of reference for teachers and researchers interested in developing knowledge in strategy, management and business models, particularly concerning family businesses, branded companies and the tourism and agri-food sectors. In addition, over the years, the topics of communication to the financial markets, corporate reputation, sustainability, corporate growth and territorial development have been looked at in depth.
Concerning organisational issues, the section deals with corporate information systems with a focus on technological innovation and the transformations of work produced by the evolution of information and communication technologies, and with organisational behaviour and human resources management.

The following teachers are affiliated to the section:

Massimiliano Bruni
Andrea Carignani
Francesca D'Angella
Manuela De Carlo
Vanessa Gemmo
Pietro A.C. Mazzola
Luca Quaratino
Ruggero Sainaghi
Meysam Salimi
Anna Scuttari