Library locations

The IULM Library is located on the various floors of the IULM 1 building (Via Carlo Bo, 1), as follows:

Reading Rooms
350 seats located in the Reading Rooms, which wind from the Ground Floor, where there is a space with tables for group work, and continue through a spiral staircase that leads to the 1st and 2nd floor, where, in addition to the escalators, where there is another Reading Room.

Sala di Consultazione (1st floor)
100 seats, located among the shelves where the documentary material that cannot be borrowed is located (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.). The books are arranged in an "open shelf" pattern, so there is no need to ask permission to take them and consult them.
Tel. 02-891412220

Distribution Desk (2nd floor)
This is where you can borrow and return the books requested through the Digger catalogue; you can also find the keys of the lockers and the pen drives of the Library.
Tel. 02-891412216

Offices and Management of the Library (2nd floor)
Here you can ask for information and speak directly with librarians.
Tel. 02-891412399 Fax 02-891413216

Interlibrary Loan (2nd floor)
The service provides, on request and free of charge, articles and books owned by Italian and foreign libraries.
Tel. 02-891412206 email: [email protected]

Aula Multimediale (3rd floor)
50 multimedia stations, from which it is possible to access the university's digital and electronic resources (films, theses, documentaries, etc.). The room is also equipped with the software necessary to carry out audio/video reproduction, image and sequence capture, multimedia presentations. By appointment, we also provide assistance with the editing of the thesis and consultation of databases.
Tel. 02-891412483 or 2541 mail: [email protected]