Word of the Year 2024: Adventure

The Rector made public the Word of the Year 2024

At the Christmas dinner with faculty and technical-administrative staff held on the evening of Dec. 19, Rector Prof. Gianni Canova announced the Word of the Year 2024.

"Just as in my first year as Rector the Word of the Year, money, was chosen by me - while in subsequent years it was determined through surveys addressed to the IULM community -, for next year, which will be my last as Rector, I wanted to choose the word myself. It is a word I cherish, in its etymological meaning and in its deepest sense; the word is 'adventure'." Thus the Rector who then continued: "the term should be understood in its Latin meaning, adventura, meaning 'what is to happen, what is to come,' with the hope that this word looks precisely to the future."

 A hope we all feel we share.