Donate your 5x1000!

IULM University has been accredited by the Ministry of Economy and Finance among the scientific research bodies to which it is possible to assign the 5 per thousand of income tax. The 5 per thousand is a voluntary choice, it does not involve any additional charge and is not in contrast with the allocation of the 8 per thousand.

With a simple but important gesture, you can show your support for an ambitious and free cultural project, for a community of study and work. Thanks to your 5 x mille, IULM University will be able to finance scholarships for deserving students or promote research projects.

To demonstrate that you share the values of IULM University, simply sign the box in your tax return under"Financing scientific research bodies and universities" and indicate the tax code 80071270153.


IULM University offers companies the opportunity to support the activities of the University and its students thanks to its Special Projects and Partnerships Office