When Lucia married the Baron in the Trees

Laura Brignoli
Title book

Year 2018

When Lucia married the Baron in the Trees
Rewriting, prolonging, varying, adding, grafting... there are many operations that can be carried out to prolong the pleasure that the reading of a text has been able to give. They are all found in these twelve stories collected here that originate from famous works. Each of the authors is, first of all, a reader, eager to continue, eager that the book that bewitched him or her does not end with the last page. How many times have we thought, "Too bad it's over"? In this booklet, anyone who loved Moby Dick, The Baron in the Trees, In Search of Lost Time or Belle du Seigneure and others has the opportunity to satisfy this desire. A playful leap, bold verses, an impertinent reprise, new narrative lines combine the homage to irreverence, because it is also in this way that the great classics continue to live, inside and outside of us.