Strategies and performance in the tourism sector (2019)

Head: Ruggero Sainaghi

Year 2019

The project carries forward the research started in the two-year period 2017-2018 and focused on the dual aspect of competitive strategies and the results they produce, within the tourism and hospitality facilities sphere. As in the past, the project aims above all at developing and publishing class-A contributions and is therefore characterized by a clear orientation towards "basic" research.
In descriptive terms, the project finds its unifying element in the theme of performance, an essential aspect for the business economy. The research project intends to address this issue with reference to the following areas of research:
1. the sharing economy in tourism: this is a new strand of studies that will analyze studies related to the sharing economy and, in particular, to the spread of "peer-to-peer platforms" in tourism;
2. the effect generated by events on the performance of local businesses: within this strand of research, we intend to continue the strand of research focused on the effects generated by Expo 2015 on the Milanese hospitality sector.

The research resulted in the following class-A publications:
1. Sainaghi R., Phillips P., d'Angella F., 2019, "The balanced scorecard of a new destination product: implications for lodging and skiing firms", International Journal of Hospitality Management, 76, 216-230.
2. Sainaghi R., Mauri A., Ivanov S., d'Angella F., 2019, "Mega events and seasonality: The case of Milan World Expo", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 31(1), 61-86.
3. Sainaghi, R., Phillips, P., Baggio, R., Mauri, A., 2019, "Hotel Performance: Rigor and relevant research topics", International Journal of Hospitality Management, 78, pp. 13-26.
4. Sainaghi, R., Köseoglu, M.A., d'Angella, F., Tehheh, I.L., 2019, "Foundations of hospitality performance measurement research: A co-citation approach", International Journal of Hospitality Management, 79, pp. 21-40.
5. Sainaghi, R., Köseoglu, M.A., d'Angella, 2019, "Sharing economy: a co-citation analysis", Current Issues in Tourism, 1-9