Communication of corporate social responsibility

Head: Stefania Romenti

Year 2018

De Robert Calzature, thanks also to the example provided by the parent company, Kering, has decided to take a sustainable path that combines attention to virtuous behavior and adequate communication in support of it.

The main activities developed in the research project have been:

  1. Mapping of the use of Manufacturing Restricted Substances Lists (MRSLs) in De Robert's manufacturing process. To this end, a very detailed analysis protocol has been developed to be used for the mapping of the processes of both De Robert footwear and suppliers.
  2. Identification of alternatives to Manufacturing Restricted Substances Lists (MRSLs) and of KPIs that can measure the environmental impact and business performance of the alternative choices identified.
  3. Exploration of the current Shared Value Portfolio (SVP) of the company (CSR, philanthropy, Created Shared Value activities).
  4. Evaluation of opportunities for the development of new Shared Value Portfolios and circular economy models. In particular, the company, among the existing circular economy models, was interested in identifying a virtuous process of "resource recovery".
  5. Identification of models of virtuous Shared Value Portfolio (SVP) of competitors, useful as stimulus for the future development of business activities.
  6. Proposal of a communication plan for the chosen policy options.