Canon and anti-canon, contradiction and system in law and literature

Head: Paola Carbone, Maria Migliazza, Giuseppe Rossi

Year 2018

The project aims to investigate how the global economic and political crisis has led to the breakdown of any logical structure in favour of "contradiction". From a legal point of view, the very configurability of a legal system as an orderly and coherent set of rules, which are combined through logical links, has been questioned.

For international and European law, the recovery of the technical and ethical dimension of law provides cues for a rediscovery of the universalist dimension of fundamental human rights, which, in recent years, has been diluted in favour of a vision anchored, rather than to simply considering the human, to a concept of political citizenship.

In literature, the subject is addressed through an analysis of comic representations of the legal, which constitute a reaction, broadly critical, to the order of law. Through the logic of contradiction, comedy stigmatizes the weaknesses of the system and its actors, reaffirming the value of bonum etaequum which the law should aim at.